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Astrology Chart Readings

I provide a variety of astrological chart interpretations including birth charts, relationships (chart comparisons, synastry, and composite charts), predictive (transits and solar return charts), and for moving (relocation, and astrocartography charts).

To request a reading please read the information below and fill out the "Chart Request Form" under "Contacts". Then click send.

About Me

I started young as a budding astrologer. My mother, Carol McCarthy, has been a professional astrologer since the late 60s.  She taught me how to read charts since I was 6 years old in the mid 70s.  As a kid, I followed her around to chart readings and her weekly radio shows around the U.S.  She taught me the nature of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects and she would ask my opinion to get another take on her readings.

With over 40 years experience reading charts,  I am able to apply my own life experiences of family, changing careers, locations, exploring relationships and spiritual meaning to add depth and breadth to my readings.  I am both a teacher and chart reader so that when I deliver a reading, instead of just giving my interpretations, I point out the different parts of the chart and explain the symbolism through a variety of means (analogies, metaphors, and life experiences).  The client comes away with a deeper understanding of how to interpret the chart for themselves.  With modern video conferencing and desktop sharing, we are able to look at the chart printout together,  as I am explaining the chart.  This allows you, the client, to ask questions and direct the chart reading session.  It also allows us to have both a feeling of intimacy and to communicate information freely.  I am also available for face to face readings, if you are nearby.


My overall goal is to provide the information to guide you through your life, psychological, and spiritual transformations so you can trust your own intuition and inner guidance.  I believe that I do not tell you anything you don't already know on some level but by giving you a reading you will get the validation to trust your gut instincts, emotions, intellect, and intuition guided by your higher power, however you define it for yourself.  You can then take the reading and expand upon it as you grow and develop into the person you were always meant to be, from the beautiful and amazing human being that you already are.



“Seth Roback does not just provide astrological readings, he creates masterful works of art that will change your life forever.  His talent and skill level pertaining to astrology are unparalleled, and part of what makes him #1 in his field is his profound spiritual wisdom, creativity, and understanding of human nature.  He will see deeply into your soul and provide you with a roadmap for your greatest destiny.”  - Heather Hans, LCSW, MBA, Speaker, Healer, and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

"Seth is my business partner and an all around great astrologer. His understanding of archetypes and the relationship between them is excellent. Contact him for a session in self discovery! Seth is also particularly good at the astrology of family dynamics and astrocartography." - Jewel Elefson Mayberry, Truth in Aspect Astrology


"Seth is an insightful, knowledgeable, experienced astrologer. He pick’s up many subtle details on a natal chart other will pass over. I strongly recommend a reading from Seth !!!" - Sarah Rose,  Professional Astrologer

"Seth is an intelligent, intuitive and insightful reader who provides sound, practical advice. I would definitely recommend his services."  - Dee Brady, Experienced Astrologer


 There are 2 ways to receive a reading:

  1. Live Reading: We set up a 1 hour live reading through Skype. I record the session as a movie file. Then I email you the link to download the recording.

  2. Typed Reading: I type the chart reading beforehand. I email it to you as a PDF attachment.  I then follow up with a 30 minute live skype session or phone call to answer your questions.  


Basic Birth Chart

  • Included in every type of reading

  • Need Date, Time, and Place of Birth

  • Includes Current Transits

  • $100 USD Live Reading

  • $150 USD Typed Reading with Follow Up Questions

Relationship Charts

  • Includes comparative birth charts, synastry, composite charts, and current transits.

  • Relationship charts between 2 people: $150 USD for Live Reading. $200 for typed.

  • +$50 USD for each additional person

Predictive Charts

  • Transit Reading: Birth Chart reading, current transits, + up to 4 different transit dates (past or future). $150 live, $200 typed.

  • Solar Return Chart: (Please include current city, state / province, and country). $100 live, $150 typed.

Moving Charts

  • Includes up to 4 relocation charts.  Please provide city, state / province, and country of locations.

  • Includes 1 Astrocartography region.  Please specify what regions of the world you want to see the planetary lines.

  • $150 USD live.  $200 typed.  +$50 for each additional location or astrocartography region.

Please send payments through  to my email:  Payments are non-refundable and due upfront before any work is done.

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