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Astrology Chart Readings

I provide a variety of astrological chart interpretations including birth charts, relationships (chart comparisons, synastry, and composite charts), predictive (transits and solar return charts), and for moving (relocation, and astrocartography charts).

To request a reading please read the information below and fill out the "Chart Request Form". Then click send.

 There are 2 ways to receive a reading:

  1. Live Reading: We set up a 1 hour live reading through Skype. I record the session as a movie file. Then I email you the link to download the recording.

  2. Typed Reading: I type the chart reading beforehand. I email it to you as a PDF attachment.  I then follow up with a 30 minute live skype session or phone call to answer your questions.  

Birth Chart Interpretation with Current Transits (Included in every Reading)

  • Live, $100 USD. Typed, $150 USD

  • +$50, for up to 4 additional transit dates, +$25 for each additional transit date.

  • +$50, Solar Return Chart

  • +$50, Relationship Chart between 2 people (including chart comparisons, synastry, and composite). +$50 for each additional person.

  • +$50, Moving Chart, up to 4 relocation charts and astrocartography. +$25 for each additional relocation chart. 

Please send payments through  to my email:  Payments are non-refundable and due upfront before any work is done.

Contact Info:  Seth Roback,11005 25th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA  98146

email: , Tel: 425-495-6424, skype id: spiraldaddy

Facebook: Astrology Education for Intuitives (closed Group) -

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